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Jiyoung Youn teaches choreography to Real Sisters by Future.

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1MILLION Dance Studio & 1MILLION Dance Tutorials has been established to offer fantastic, elegant dancewear to 1million lovers.

The people at 1MILLION Dance Studio are just amazing– there is nothing else word to explain their sick dance moves!

What brands do 1Million Dancers wear?

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Whether you’re carrying out in the spotlight, exercising in the workshop or hanging out with buddies, accentuate your every step with our impressive collection of shorts, socks, hip-hop accessories!

What brands does Jiyoung Youn wear?

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Whether you’re carrying out in the spotlight, exercising in the workshop or hanging out with buddies, accentuate your every step with our impressive collection of shorts, socks, hip-hop accessories!

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Compared with the design from prior to we debuted and also they early days, it’s gotten a lot better, and also everyday, they put a lot of thought into it. A lot as doing fashion research study, and also their sense is excellent, too.

This school is filled with young skills who live for their enthusiasm, dance.
You have probably looked around and attempted to find specific products of clothing that you have actually seen your preferred choreographer stars use. In addition to choreographers, trainees are likewise popular for exactly what they’re wearing both off-screen and on-screen. They are just as well understood for what they use to the airport as for exactly what they use on phase or in their music videos.

Clothes, Jeans, Zippers used by Jiyoung Youn

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Having various years of experience working in the dance market, 1 Million Dance Studio develops hot, brand-new styles in metropolitan dance choreography. Numerous trends in the city dance scene today have actually been motivated by the distinct choreography created by 1 Million Dance Instructors. Be Inspired– 1Million.

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