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I additionally love the style of clothing she wears.

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Jin teaches choreography to Vibe by JoJo.

Learn from instructors of 1MILLION Dance Studio on YouTube!

1MILLION Dance Studio

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1MILLION Dance Studio & 1MILLION Dance Tutorial

Whether you’re looking for a few minutes of amusement, or training for your next dancing floor competition, 1Million Dance Studio has you covered.

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What brands do 1Million Dancers wear?

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You could discover Jin Lee design clothing in a lot of places online.

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Even if you’re a little follower on your way to becoming a large one, we want to be there every step of the method.

What brands does Jin Lee wear?

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Even if you’re a little follower on your way to becoming a large one, we want to be there every step of the method.

1 Million Dance Studio is today the apparent option for all dance fans, hip hop and street dancers all around the world. Our concept is to constantly have a broad selection of products, from several brands. Today we show you countless products in over 100 brands that you can pick and choose, inspired by your favorite dancer. Our range extends from significant trademark name such as Nike, DSCO, Converse, New Balance, Stussy, Champion, Gucci, Puma, Kappa, X-LARGE, Undercover, Black Pyramid, Y-3, FILA, ASICS, Thrasher, Air Jordan, Rebook, new era, Levi’s, Calvin Klein, HUF, Vans to smaller unique designers handpicked from Korea. 1Million Outfits has quickly become a leading site in the fanbase neighborhood of 1M.

The whole point of going to the dance studio is to be comfortable, but I enjoy to see how these choreographers still manage to look remarkable although they remain in their most casual attire. Even if they’re just using sweatpants and a baggy shirt. You can tell that they are well-fitting and flatter their shape and are thoroughly chosen.

We’re currently stressed with Oriental charm, but the globe of K-pop is greater than the best clothes, and also some memorable songs. The globe of 1 million dance contains incredibly talented choreographers and also entertainers.

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Where to buy Pants and Stylish sweaters used by dancers and instructors from 1Million Dance Studio?

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